Feb. 14-15: Online Days
Feb. 18-22: On-site Days in Washington DC

Thank YOU from the CIES 2023 Team!

Congratulations on everyone’s success at CIES 2023! Thank you all who made CIES 2023 a record-breaking success together with us – from the presenters, to the chairs, discussants, plenary speakers, CIES 2023 Inspirers, CIES Musicians and other performers, authors of Written Responses or UNESCO Video Responses to CIES 2023 Theme, sponsors, volunteers and everyone else who worked so hard to make CIES 2023 a huge success – thank you so much!

With the CIES 2023 Theme and its inclusive, innovative and exciting program, we had recorded over 3,600 participants, with 2,900 joining onsite and 700 online who made together 1,000 sessions offered by CIES 2023 – a new record since the global pandemic. The record-breaking statistics have confirmed that our global CIES community is recovering well from the pandemic – the community is proud of such a great achievement! Our pride also includes many innovations created together this year, such as:

  1. First and longest meeting period in the 67 years of the CIES history;
  2. First of its kind of CIES annual conferences integrated by both online days and on-site days;
  3. First emerging scholar event promoted at CIES annual opening ceremonies;
  4. Varied events of the Opening Ceremony Series I-IV to encourage wide participation by drawing global attention to CIES 2023, the Musical Festival, intellectual debates, and conventional CIES Reception;
  5. Diversified sub-themes inspired by the plenary events of the Inspirations Series I-IV;
  6. Comparative and international education implied through the Community Celebration of Kung Fu via reciprocal, lifelong learning;
  7. First Music Break Series contributed by CIES musicians;
  8. First native keynote speaker invited from China, ending CIES’ ignored history;
  9. First CIES President born in East Asia;

And many more….

All aiming at CIES 2023 Theme!!!

We are humbly honored to have this prestigious opportunity to serve all of you, and we are truly grateful for the enthusiasm, creativity, professionalism, engagement, collegiality and new synergies demonstrated by you in every aspect of CIES 2023.


  • The submission of Written Responses remains open, please write to cies2023@cies.us with Written Responses in your subject line and attach your manuscript in MS Word format in APA style. All submitted manuscripts must be limited to 6,000-9,000 words (shorter or lengthier essays will be rejected automatically).
  • Recordings of key plenary sessions are now available at CIES YouTube Channel.
  • For online participants, our official certificates of your participation in CIES 2023 will be available to you. On-site participants have already received yours when you checked in for your nametags.
  • The Online Hub will remain open until March 31st, where book launch videos and poster presentations are still available to view.
  • Film Festivalette starts on Mar. 15, 2023. Please watch them via our Online Hub.

Thank you from us all and looking forward to seeing you at CIES 2024, Mar. 10-14, Miami! 

Jun Li, CIES President & 2023 Annual Meeting Chair
On behalf of the Organizing Team

Last group at the CIES 2023 Closing Ceremony, Independence A, Grand Hyatt Washington, Washington, D.C., Feb. 22, 2023.

CIES 2023

Welcome to the CIES 2023 website, where you will find related information, submission guidelines and highlights for the CIES 2023 Annual Meeting. The meeting ran between February 14-22, 2023, with a break on February 16-17.

We are so excited to be hosting on-site sessions in Washington, D.C., and we will draw from the unique and rich regional and cultural history of the U.S. Capital, as well as its pivotal place in the current fight for a more equitable globe. We will keep our underlying commitment that is to give all attendees the best meeting experience as we navigate the new directions we are taking CIES in the post-pandemic era.

CIES 2023 is an on-site meeting, with online sessions. On-site, you will experience a full meeting with powerful keynote speakers, plenary situations designed to renew bonds between CIES attendees, social and cultural events, and of course, the main draw of the meeting, concurrent sessions featuring cutting-edge research from our CIES members. The Online Meeting Hub, enhanced from that in the annual gathering of 2022, is the only platform that is used to allow all attendees (including both on-site and virtual participants) to enjoy all online concurrent sessions. In addition to that, key events, keynote speeches, and CIES State of the Society will be live streamed.

Please visit our website regularly for the latest updates. After your submission, please log into our Online Submission System (i.e., All Academic). There you can review the draft program, read about our highlights, and register for the conference.