Feb. 14-15: Online Days
Feb. 18-22: On-site Days in Washington DC

Organizing Committee

Organizing Committee

Based in Western University and beyond, we are an aspirational, diverse, and collaborative team driven by serving spirit, and we are committed to visionary and responsive leadership for CIES 2023. Our ambition is to work together with the global CIES community for a more equitable, diverse, and inclusive CIES 2023 for each and every of you!

We look forward to meeting you, whether in person or virtually, and wish you all a joyful and engaging CIES 2023!

To reach us, please email at cies2023@cies.us.

Meet the committee:

Jun Li

CIES President Elect and 2023 Meeting Chair

Jun Li serves as Professor and Chair of the Academic and Research Cluster of Critical Policy, Equity and Leadership Studies, and a Senator of Western University, Canada. He started his academic career in Shanghai in the early 1990s and served as Deputy Director of the Education Policy Unit at the University of Hong Kong before he moved back to Canada in 2017. He has rich leadership and other professional experiences accumulated in a global context (Shanghai, Tokyo, Maryland, Toronto, Hong Kong, etc.). Having led as Chairman for the Hong Kong Educational Research Association (2014-17) and President for the Comparative Education Society of Hong Kong (2012-14). He has been a senior CIES member since 2002, and is excited to serve the CIES community by leading the organizing work for CIES 2023. He is looking forward to meeting you in Washington, D.C. in person or online through the Online Meeting Hub at our next yearly gathering!

Hanwen Chang

Program Coordinator

Hanwen Chang is an MA student in Education Studies of Critical Policy, Equity, and Leadership Studies and demonstrates a keen interest in Educational Improvement Science at Western University. Earlier she obtained her MEd in Second Language Education at the University of Ottawa in 2022. During her study at uOttawa, she has developed a critical understanding of key educational learning theories and built up her ability to analyze the influences of social, cultural, and political factors on language education and educational development. Outside academics, she enjoys reading, hiking, and traveling with friends. She is honored to serve CIES 2023 and intensely looks forward to the CIES 2023 Annual Meeting.

Ming Cheng

Program Coordinator

Ming Cheng is an MA student of Education Studies in the Field of Critical Policy, Equity, and Leadership Studies at Western University. Her research focuses on the inequality and importance of post-secondary education in Canada and China. Ming started her academic study at the University of Ottawa, where she accomplished her BSc in Psychology. During her third year of undergraduate study, Ming realized the inequality in the education system and the discrepancy in the importance of post-secondary diplomas between Canada and China. This experience inspired her to shift her research interest from psychology to the disparity in education and continue to pursue her research in education equity at Western University. When not working, Ming has broad interests in literature and comfy chatting with friends.

Garima Jha

Program Coordinator

Ms. Garima Jha is a year-one Ph.D. student at Western University, Canada. She holds an M.Ed. from the National Taipei University of Education, Taiwan, and a B.A. from the University of Delhi, India. Her past and current research focuses on learners’ adjustment, educational improvement and policy in Education. She is a registered and certified teacher in India and in Taiwan with over five years teaching experience in K-12 curriculum in both private and public sector schools. Before moving to Canada for her Ph.D., she was honored to work for the Ministry of Education (Taiwan) led initiative of ‘Bilingual 2030′. She cares and likes to talk about learners’ needs, international students and policy formation in education.

Roya Karimli

Program Coordinator

Roya Karimli is year-one Ph.D. student at Western University, Canada, right after her Master’s program in the same Faculty of Education, majored in Critical Policy, Equity, and Leadership Studies. Prior to joining Western University, she completed her BA in English Language and Literature Education and earned her first MA degree in Linguistics in Azerbaijan, where she was born and raised. Meanwhile, she enjoyed teaching English to undergraduate students in Azerbaijan. Her research interests include academic integrity issues and higher education bribery in the post-Soviet countries. She is focusing on the topic in a more specific and extensive manner during her PhD program. As a member of CIES as of 2022, she is very excited to work on the organizing work for CIES 2023.

Jingwun Liang

Program Coordinator

Jingwun Liang is a year-two Ph.D. student in the Department of Critical Policy, Equity, and Leadership Studies at Western University, Canada. She is originally from Taiwan and started her graduate career in Canada in 2018. She was also a visiting student at the University of California, Berkeley in the United States in 2017. Her multicultural experiences and background made her research interests have long been in the field of comparative and international education. Her doctoral research focuses on the internationalization of higher education in Asian contexts. She is particularly interested in exploring the impacts of globalization and internationalization on non-English-speaking countries in Asia-Pacific regions, especially the influence of global university rankings on the development of higher education policies.

Yimeng Lu

Program Coordinator

Yimeng is an MA student in the Department of Critical Policy, Equity, and Leadership Studies at Western University. Her research currently centers performativity and autonomy of teachers in Chinese Middle schools. She aims to identify how autonomy of teachers is restrained when the performativity regime shores up the creation of privilege and inferiority among teachers. She was raised in China and earned dual bachelor’s degrees in Social Work and Business English at Yangzhou University in China. She came to Canada as an exchange student in 2019 and since then she started her academic journey in Canadian universities. She once served as a voluntary English teacher and assistant social worker in China.

Atiqa Marium

Program Coordinator

Atiqa is currently in her 3rd year of Ph.D. studies in Critical Policy, Equity and Leadership studies, Faculty of Education, Western University, Canada. She did her MA in Management from Pakistan in 2013, with a focus on policy issues faced by public and private sector higher education institutions. She had an experience of around 7 years of working in a public sector higher education institution in Pakistan. She got 3 gold medals, merit scholarships, and roll of honors awards during her student life in recognition of her academic excellence. She has always been interested to work on issues that can underscore the problems of the higher education sector, with her aim to make improvements in this sector. Besides working as Research Assistant in the Faculty of Education, Western University since September 2019, she has also been a part-time faculty member at Lawrence Kinlin School of Business, Fanshawe College, and King’s University College.

Shuqing Zou (Azura)

Program Coordinator

Azura is an MA student of Critical Policy, Equity, and Leadership at Western University. Her research focuses on promoting Educational Improvement Science (EIS) is an emerging, interdisciplinary area for educational improvement. The aim of the research is to assess whether Educational Improvement Science promotes sustainable improvement in the field of education, and if so, how it achieves that. Azura grew up in China and earned her BS in Education Studies from Miami University in the United States. She joined several volunteers and interns in China, the US, and Bali as an English teacher and teaching assistance. In her spare time, she enjoys playing the piano and traveling.