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Funding Options

The deadline for submissions has passed. We are no longer receiving applications for CIES 2023.

The CIES International Travel Award (ITA) for Distinguished Service in Educational Reform was established in 2009 under the presidency of Gita Steiner-Khamsi—through an endowment from George Soros and the Open Society Institute (OSI)—and consolidated in 2012 under the presidency of Ratna Ghosh to encourage distinguished researchers and practitioners from the Global South to participate in CIES conferences. Launched at the 2009 annual conference, the endowment attempts to facilitate the participation of international education experts who serve in countries where international projects are implemented.

Conference participants with distinguished service to the field, and in particular educational reforms are invited to apply. The award is available for anyone residing outside U.S., and preference is given to those from or working in low and middle-income countries and the purpose is to support travel costs. Candidates who have received the award in the past are not eligible.

To complete the application for the ITA Award, submitters will need to upload three files (.docx or PDF) via this application form.

The three required documents should be created before you begin the application, as you will not be able to save the information and return to it later. The required materials are:

  1. A 500-word personal statement of your service in educational reform
  2. A copy of your conference proposal abstract, only (not the full paper or presentation); and
  3. Your resume or curriculum vitae.