Feb. 14-15: Online Days
Feb. 18-22: On-site Days in Washington DC

What’s New in 2023?

Excited about CIES 2023?

We are thrilled by the many new ideas and initiatives proposed and discussed by our Advisory Board, Planning Committee, and Organizing Committee, in addition to those that have been offered by CIES members and beyond.

1. Empowering Your Participation as a Reviewer

Your participation at CIES 2023 can be further enhanced by actively serving as a volunteer peer reviewer. The mechanism of blind peer-review is full of opportunities that are both collaborative and professional, and beneficial for exploring how research may be advanced and enhanced in effective and unique ways. You can support the work of the Society by signing up as a volunteer peer reviewer when you submit your proposal through our Online Submission system.

The success of CIES 2023 relies crucially on the important input from each and every one of you!

2. Extending Meeting Dates to February 14-22, 2023

As we continue to adjust to the consequences of a global pandemic, we will have on-site sessions February 18-22 and online sessions on February 14-15, with two days in between (February 15-16) to allow for travel to Washington DC and our own internal shift from a virtual to an on-site conference.

3. On-site Days (Feb 18-22) and Online Days (14-15)

CIES 2023 is taking an alternative approach by having an on-site meeting with online components, i.e., two online days (February 14th and 15th) followed by five on-site days (February 18th-22nd), with two days in between to allow for travel to Washington, D.C. and for the organizers to shift from the online component to the on-site component.

Those registered to attend the five on-site days of CIES 2023 in Washington, D.C. will have access to all online (14-15) on-site (18-22) sessions. Those registered to attend the two online days of CIES 2023 will have access only to those sessions on February 14-15 in the Online Meeting Hub, in addition to all livestreamed sessions (including the Presidential Address, Kneller Lecture, other Presidential Plenary/Keynote sessions, the State of Society Meeting, etc.), which are scheduled Feb. 18-22.

4. The Meeting Break

The meeting break is designed not only as a break for all participants, but as a necessary transition for those who plan to first enjoy the two online days and right after that travel to Washington, D.C. for the five on-site days. The organizing team also needs time to move over to Washington, D.C. right after their organizing work first for the two online days, otherwise our costs will be increased significantly if the team has to work in the meeting hotel to organize both on-site and online days for CIES 2023.

5. Login Support

Your CIES login (username and password) is the only login you will need for submitting your proposal, joining/renewing your membership, and registering for the conference. It is important that the same login is used for all of these processes.

If you are experiencing difficulty logging in, please contact oed@cies.us with “Login Help” indicated in your subject line to avoid creating duplicate accounts. Please do not create an account for anyone other than yourself.

7. Environmental Awareness

In an effort to be more environmentally conscious, we are minimizing the use of paper and will provide all documents electronically on this website or the hub. Some suggestions for being environmentally friendly include bringing your own tote bag, using an electronic device for note-taking, or using a refillable water bottle.

Stay tuned for updates…