Feb. 14-15: Online Days
Feb. 18-22: On-site Days in Washington DC

Poster Presentation Instructions

For CIES 2023, posters will be handled in different ways depending on whether they will be presented Onsite or Virtually. Virtual posters will be shared on the Hub. Onsite poster presenters can choose to also upload their posters to the Hub.

Details on how to submit posters are below.

Virtual poster submissions: If you have chosen to participate virtually, your asynchronous poster and video will be your presentation. No synchronous presentations will take place.

Onsite poster submissions: If you have chosen to be onsite, we will have easels set up at the conference venue for the duration of the conference. You will be able to display your poster for the entire duration of the conference on that easel. Additionally, dedicated ‘poster session’ times have been set in the program (to find your session, check CIES 2023 AllAcademic). Please be sure to put your poster on display as soon as you arrive, so that conference-goers can walk by, view your poster, and return during your specific poster session later to ask questions. During your assigned ‘poster session’ presentation time, you are expected to stay with your poster for a gallery walk for CIES conference attendees.

For more information on prepping a conference poster, please see information below.

Poster Upload Instructions (For Virtual Poster submissions):

  1. Prepare your poster with the program of your choice. (PowerPoint is one option.)
  2. Convert it into an image:
    1. The minimum size can be 500(W)x250(H) pixels and anything above that with the ratio 2:1
    2. The extension could be JPG or PNG
  3. Optional: Record a video explaining your poster: Maximum length: 15 minutes.
  4. Upload the video to YouTube.
    1. You will need a YouTube account – if you don’t already have one, please create one. Upload your video to your own YouTube account. (If you need help, please see https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/57407?hl=en)
    2. Please choose your video visibility to be ‘Public’ or ‘Unlisted’ based on your preference.
    3. Copy the link to your video to send to us. There should be no expiration date on the shared link.
  5. Optional: You may create a PDF document containing your poster and insert additional information if you wish.
  6. Send your JPG or PNG image (and the optional YouTube video link and/or PDF) to cies2023@cies.us.
    1. Please add “poster” and the title of your poster in the “Subject” line of the email.
    2. These can be sent anytime between now and February 10th
    3. Please note the deadline of February 10th (but please don’t wait until the last minute!). We need time to upload them onto the conference hub to ensure submissions are available a few days prior to the start of the conference on February 14th.

Poster Preparation Instructions (Onsite Posters submissions):

Posters combine a visual summary of the findings of a paper/study with the opportunity for individualized and informal discussion of the presenter’s work. On site presenters will set up displays representing their papers/studies in a large area with other presenters. Posters will be set up in a prominent space throughout the conference period, while a dedicated 90-minute poster session for small groups of poster presenters will facilitate interaction between poster presenters and interested conference participants.

Audio-visual equipment is not provided for poster sessions, but presenters may choose to distribute handouts. Boards and pins will be provided for poster display.

  1. Poster sessions are 90-minute sessions included in the program where a group of poster presentations have a dedicated time for the presenter to be standing next to their poster to engage in conversations and address questions by the conference attendees.
  2. Poster sessions will take place in one large room at the conference venue.
  3. During your individual poster session, poster presenters will be expected to stand beside their posters in order to engage with the interested audience.
  4. You will be assigned a specific location for your poster and asked to pin it onto a corrugated cardboard pad attached to an easel. Each easel will have enough room for your individual poster.
  5. Please be sure to put your poster on display as soon as you arrive, so that conferencegoers can walk by, view your poster, and return during the poster session later in the day to ask questions. You may leave your poster up for the whole conference week, you have a reserved location for your poster for the whole conference duration to guarantee your work gets the exposure it needs and for the attendees to have enough time to engage with your work.
  6. Although a specific poster size or orientation is not required, the maximum size permitted is 48″ x 48″ (or 4 ft. x 4 ft.) which is the corrugated carboard pad size.
  7. Be sure to include your title, author names, and affiliations at the top of the poster. Remember that your poster may be viewed from a distance of several feet, so font sizes should be large enough to easily read, and figures and tables should be kept as simple as possible.