Feb. 14-15: Online Days
Feb. 18-22: On-site Days in Washington DC

Keynote Speeches

Livestream to all registered attendees; RSVP: https://cies.lasaweb.org/registration

Transforming Education for a More Equitable World

Wed, Feb. 15, 1:00 to 2:15 PM (EST) – Online Meeting Hub

Speaker: Linda Darling-Hammond (Stanford University)

Commentators: Michael Connelly (University of Toronto) and Shijing Xu (University of Windsor)

Chair: Lynn Paine (Michigan State University)


This keynote talk will focus on the dramatic changes required of education as knowledge is rapidly expanding, technologies are regularly changing, and the world struggles with an ongoing public health crisis, economic crisis, climate crisis, and civil and human rights crises. The critical importance of preparing young people to be collaborative and resilient problem solvers who can survive and thrive in this increasingly complex world means pursuing equitable investments in expert teaching focused on empowering learning that integrates social, emotional, and cognitive development. The talk will examine how countries can support such teaching, drawing on examples from Empowered Educators and other research.

Quest for Equitable Quality Education? Reflections from an NGO in China

Tue, Feb. 21, 11:15 AM to 12:30 PM (EST) – Independence Ballroom A, Floor: Independence Level (5B), Grand Hyatt Washington

Speaker: Shirley Pan (Adream Foundation)

Commentators: Jinghuan Shi (Tsinghua University) and Scott Rozelle (Stanford University)

Chair: Jun Li (CIES 2023 Chair & President Elect)

How can third-sector organizations play in educational advancement? The Adream Foundation from China offers a unique pathway to improving education for a more equitable world. Founded in 2008 by Shirley Pan, Adream aims to inspire confidence, composure, and dignity of younger generations by advocating equitable access to quality education across China. Shirley Pan shares with the global CIES community her belief that equitable quality education is the key to the success of disadvantaged learners, as well as her adventures over the past 15 years in realizing her dream. Her long journey is narrated with three phases: 1) establishing a budding charity by bringing quality education resources to less privileged areas (2008-2012); 2) mobilizing stakeholders from public, private and philanthropic sectors by creating a dynamic network for systemwide expansion (2013-2018); and 3) improving the ecology of learning and teaching for children in rural schools with voluntary choices and sustainable actions by all parties (2019-Present). She further reflects on invaluable lessons learned on hope, pathways and approaches in her quest for equitable quality education through charitable work.

Educating for Wisdom, Love, and Eco-Cosmic Ubuntu: Towards an Equitable Planet

Wed, Feb. 22, 11:30 AM to 12:45 PM (EST) – Independence Ballroom A, Floor: Independence Level (5B), Grand Hyatt Washington

Speaker: Jing Lin (University of Maryland at College Park)

Commentators: Hyeyoung Bang (Bowling Green State University) and Edward Brantmeier (James Madison University)

Chair: Oren Pizmony-Levy (Columbia University)

We are living in a time with grand challenges, such as wars, ethnic conflicts, climate change, species extinction, social divisiveness and moral breakdown. These challenges are threatening the survival of all of the Earth’s species. Modern education has failed to provide solutions to meet these challenges as it has led learners to search outside of themselves while neglecting their inner wisdom. We are called to know ourselves and to fall in love with each other and with Mother Nature. In my talk, I will discuss how we can invoke the power of love and compassion within ourselves through contemplative practices which are richly embedded in wisdom traditions around the world. I will discuss how we can cultivate our vital life energy that is propelling our life and the whole universe. Through self-cultivation, we can expand our awareness and capacity to work for social transformation. Educating for wisdom and love will give us hope for a more equitable planet for all beings and species.