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Presidential Address

You are cordially invited to attend the CIES 2023 Presidential Address

Reclaiming Idealism in a Hyper-Political Global Landscape: The Power of the Comparative

Livestream to all registered attendees; RSVP: https://cies.lasaweb.org/registration
Monday, February 20, 2023
11:15 AM Independence Ballroom A, Floor: Independence Level (5B),
Grand Hyatt Washington

Chair: Caroline Manion (University of Toronto)

The experience of opening oneself up to receive knowledge is a metaphysical and transformative act influenced by philosophy, religion, politics, economics and culture. Yet, over time, knowledge delivery, in seeking to be more efficient, has resulted in more transactional outcomes. By expanding the notion of the “industry of school,” learners are dependent on models of education that focus more on compliance and conformity. In addition, the influences of other industries, from the military to big business, have made the transcendental more elusive than ever. Changes in the global political landscape are steering powerful shifts in the narratives of knowledge, education and school. Drawing from theory, research, policy and practice, this talk will frame the dissonance of subversive politics alongside encroaching hypocrisy towards an effort to reclaim the significance of idealism on our global education directives.

Supriya Baily is an activist, scholar and educator, beginning as a community organizer as a teenager in India. Currently, she is Professor of Education at George Mason University, focusing on social justice issues in education, the marginalization of girls and women in educational policy and practice, and the role of teacher education to address educational inequity. Prior to this, she spent a decade working for development organizations, cementing her lifelong interest to better understand the processes of agency and voice that promote grassroots transformation. She currently serves as the President of the Comparative and International Education Society (CIES), having formerly served as Treasurer (2015-2018) and Co-Chair of the Gender and Education Standing Committee (2011-2014).