Feb. 14-15: Online Days
Feb. 18-22: On-site Days in Washington DC

Registration Information

CIES 2023 is an annual meeting, held from February 14-22. It consists of two online days (February 14-15) and five on-site days (February 18-22), with a meeting break in between (February 16-17).

On-site, you will experience a full meeting with powerful keynote speakers, plenary situations designed to renew bonds between CIES attendees, social and cultural events, and of course, the main draw of the meeting, concurrent sessions featuring cutting-edge research from our CIES members.

The Online Meeting Hub, enhanced from last year, is the only platform that will be used to allow all attendees (including both on-site and virtual participants) to enjoy online sessions. Please note that key plenary events, such as keynote speeches, and the CIES State of the Society will be live-streamed for all online attendees.

Registration Hours
February 17 5:00 pm – 8:00 pm
February 18 8:00 am – 7:30 pm
February 19-21 7:30 am – 8:00 pm
February 22 7:30 am – 5:00 pm



Everyone who attends CIES 2023! Registration is required for all presenters, discussants, chairs, etc.


2023 CIES calendar year membership is required for all participants (presenters, discussants, chairs, etc.) who are named in the program. You must register by Monday, January 9th, 2023. Attendees without names included in the Program should also register as members to enjoy our Early Bird Rates (extended through December 19, 2022 at 11:59PM EST), though our Registration System remains open until the last day of CIES 2023.



If you have a role in CIES 2023 (presenter, co-author or non-presenter, chair, discussant, etc.), you are required to join or renew your CIES 2023 membership first. Once you have completed this first step, you can then register to attend the conference.

You must register by Monday, January 9th, 2023. If not, your names will be removed from the Program. Once you have completed this first step, you can then register to attend the conference. If you are not presenting, chairing, or discussing, you can still register to attend, but you will have to select the non-member rates for registration.

To qualify for CIES 2023 conference rates for MEMBERS you must join or renew your membership BEFORE you register for the conference.

If you are only attending the CIES 2023 and do not want or do not require a CIES 2023 membership, you can skip this step and register to attend the conference starting January 9, 2023.


Check our our Registration Rates for CIES 2023.

Important Dates

January 9, 2023: All participants who are named in the program (presenters, discussants, chairs, etc.) must join or renew their 2023 CIES membership and register for the conference on or before January 3, 2023.

January 10, 2023: Anyone who is named in the program but did not join or renew their CIES membership for 2023, and/or register for the conference, will be dropped from the program.

January 10, 2023: Upgrades in registration from virtual to on-site participation will be considered through to this date. There is no guarantee that your request will be accepted, and if accepted your change will be final.

January 16, 2023: Deadline for all CIES 2023 participants and attendees to request a registration refund if switching from on-site to virtual. No adjustments will be accepted after January 16, 2023.


The CIES membership system is linked to the 2023 Conference Registration system. This allows you to register for the rate that you qualify for. To access the membership rate, please update your membership prior to registering to attend the CIES 2023.


To be eligible for registration at CIES Member rates, you must be a current member of CIES for the 2023 calendar year. To qualify for the student rate, you must be currently enrolled as a student.


To be eligible for registration at CIES Emeritus Member rates, you must have approved Emeritus Member status for your current CIES membership. This requires (1) being aged 65 or older, (2) retired or not working full-time, and (3) having been a member of CIES for at least 10 consecutive years; all three requirements must be met in order to receive the discounted rate.


To be eligible for registration at Low Income or Lower-Middle Income Countries CIES Member rates, you (1) must have residency in, (2) must be currently living in, and (3) must be a citizen of a qualifying country. All three requirements must be met in order to receive the discounted rate. Please note that CIES uses World Bank classifications for 2021 to identify qualifying countries, such that registrants from all “low-income” or “lower-middle-income economies” are eligible for discounted registration rates.


Online and on-site pre-conference workshop dates will be decided shortly.

Workshops offer a space for attendees to engage with experts on important issues and questions related to research, policy, and practice in comparative and international education.

Capacity is limited and registration is required. The registration fee for pre-conference workshops is a flat rate of $55 USD. Attendees can participate in one or two separate 3-hour workshops (morning & afternoon sessions) or one extended 6-hour workshop (a full day session). If you are attending on-site, you can also participate in an online workshop. Online attendees can only participate in online workshops.

Before you register for a Pre-Conference Workshop, you are encouraged to explore the Workshop descriptions which are forthcoming so you know which ones you want to attend.


Cancellation requests must be made in writing no later than Monday, January 16, 2023, to be eligible for a refund. Refunds will incur a $35 USD cancellation charge, which will be deducted from the refundable amount due. For individuals registered at Low Income or Lower-Middle Income Country rates, this cancellation fee will be waived if the request is received by January 16, 2023. Refunds will be issued in the same form in which they were received. In the case where a refund by wire transfer is necessary, a $20 wire fee will be withheld from the amount of the refund. No refunds will be issued after January 16, 2023.


  • Gift Registrations are very much appreciated, especially during these challenging times!
  • The 2023 CIES Conference Program will be available as a free PDF for download, and online through All Academic.
  • If you attend CIES 2023, and would like a certificate for your participation, you may create one on the CIES 2023 website after the conference. You will need your CIES login credentials (these are the same you used to apply and register for CIES 2023). Link to follow.
  • All online sessions will have automated closed captions and live transcription available in Zoom. If you have a disability that requires accommodation, please email us at cies2023@cies.us.