Feb. 14-15: Online Days
Feb. 18-22: On-site Days in Washington DC

Your Role as a Presenter

Guidelines for Presenters

  • Arrival:
    • On-site presenters should arrive about 15 minutes early. During this time, you will introduce yourself to the Chair, make sure your presentation is uploaded to the conference room laptop, and take your seat. You may also use this time to bring in any of your co-authors that are joining remotely using Zoom links that you have provided beforehand.
    • On-site virtual presenters joining on-site sessions should have the contact information for their colleagues in the room in case there is trouble connecting. Please be reminded that both membership and registration are required for presenters, including the virtual ones who access on-site sessions through individual Zoom invitations from on-site chairs and/or on-site presenters.
  • Attend your session:
    • On-site presenters open your PowerPoint (or similar) from the conference room laptop. Be attentive to your audience. On-site poster presenters should be at their poster during their scheduled session.
    • Online presenters share your PowerPoint (or similar) or recording from your own computer using the Screen Share option on Zoom.
  • Out of respect for other presenters, please be mindful of your allotted time to speak. Typical timing is 12-15 minutes per presentation, allowing for about 30 minutes for discussion and Q&A.
  • Be prepared:
    • On-site presenters should send PowerPoint (or similar) to the session Chair before the conference, as a backup, just in case you have issues pertaining to your presentation. We also suggest keeping a copy of your presentation on a flash drive for the same reason.
    • Online presenters should send your PowerPoint (or other materials) to the session Chair before the conference, as a backup, just in case you have computer issues.
    • To find out the Chair of your session, check the Program and find their contact information through CIES Connect.
  • On your presentation day, online presenters should have your own PowerPoint ready and open on your computer before the session begins. We suggest you close all other programs – this will make screen sharing easier, and will allow your computer to work faster.
  • You will have limited time. If the Chair does not say otherwise, there will be 12-15 minutes to present; Q&A will occur after all presentations in the session. Typical timing is 12-15 minutes per presentation, allowing for about 30 minutes for discussion and Q&A.
  • Online presenters will speak in real time on Zoom. Some may opt to pre-record their presentation. If you pre-record your presentation, you will share your screen and play the video on your computer. We recommend you also send the link to the Chair, just in case your computer malfunctions. (An easy way to record your video would be to open a Zoom session in which you are the only participant. Record your presentation and then upload it to YouTube. Use this link to play your video during the session. We recommend you also share the link with the Chair. If you record your talk with iMovie or a similar app and store it on your computer, you can share it with the Video option in Screen Share.)
  • Online presenters can use Screen Share to show a PowerPoint or videobut not both. If you wish to pre-record your presentation, and you also want to use a PowerPoint, incorporate it into the video (i.e., record the PowerPoint in your recording as you are speaking.)
  • To learn more about Zoom and its features, please visit https://learning.zoom.us/learn. They also have live training sessions: https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/360029527911-Live-training-webinars.
  • Stable Internet will be important when connecting to the Online Meeting Hub and virtual sessions and components.
  • We suggest that speakers take into account the linguistic variety within CIES. We often have people attending from over 120 countries, and we have people presenting bilingually in addition to English. Please present so that you are clearly understood by people with a range of English fluency.

Please be reminded that all presenters and other attendees whose names are included in the CIES 2023 Program must join or renew their 2023 CIES membership AND register for CIES 2023. Failure to have a 2023 CIES membership AND register by January 3 will result in their removal from the Program.